Surgical Planning

Hospital IQ is a robust platform built to improve OR efficiency using sophisticated analytics, planning, and modelling tools.

The complexity of managing a full OR suite makes it difficult to optimize the overall efficiency of this dynamic business. Understanding the current operations of an OR well enough to identify opportunities to increase efficiency has historically been limited by a lack of data and insight. Further complicating matters is the uncertain impact that any changes to a block schedule have on the individuals directly involved as well as on other units within the hospital. Hospital leaders need improved tools to properly manage and optimize one of the most important assets in the hospital.

Hospital IQ Solution

  • Identify key drivers of OR under-utilization using dynamic block schedule analyses and drilldown capabilities
  • Design and evaluate current or prospective block plans - group results by surgeon, service and practice
  • Optimize the block schedule by simulating the impact of schedule changes on OR utilization, PACU and inpatient resources
  • Calculate the ROI of potential changes in advance of implementation